I received a SpeedyDoo

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  • Zip Code: 95926
  • Posted 06/29/2017

Only because you are leaving me! You have been a great boss, friend, and burger buddy. I will miss you!

  • Zip Code: 94107
  • Posted 06/03/2017

You need to hire Bill Belichick even though he is from another sport. Your club has talent but you are not getting anything out of them.

  • Zip Code: 16601
  • Posted 06/03/2017

Never call me again.

  • Zip Code: 02904
  • Posted 06/03/2017

You aint worth my time!

  • Zip Code: 84103
  • Posted 06/03/2017

Why can't I get a decent beer here? Your restaurant is horrible, the service is weird and your beer is not beer.

  • Zip Code: 06320
  • Posted 06/03/2017

Just because you suck!

  • Zip Code: 30348
  • Posted 06/01/2017

Your bias against Boston showed loud and clear. It's time for you to RETIRE! Please?

  • Zip Code: 11368
  • Posted 06/01/2017

Please take public responsibilty for the mess on the field. It is your responsibility to guide and build the organization.

  • Zip Code: 10451
  • Posted 06/01/2017

Don't let that Grand Slammie go to your head. Watch the pitch.. He tossed you a softball.

  • Zip Code: 32578
  • Posted 05/26/2017

Love you two so Much! - Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  • Zip Code: 02116
  • Posted 05/23/2017

Just want you to know that I miss you over here at FMI and that I never saw you to say Good bye! - I am the owner of SpeedyDoo!

  • Zip Code: 89513
  • Posted 05/21/2017

“you asshole! You hit my car and left the scene! How do I know its you? Because my Go Pro says so. DBag!

  • Zip Code: 80221
  • Posted 05/21/2017

Never Call, Never Text, Never look at my FB, Instagram, etc. Please leave my life, and you owe me $4.52.

  • Zip Code: 58703
  • Posted 05/21/2017

please stay out of my business and my phone!

  • Zip Code: 48198
  • Posted 05/21/2017

Stop sleeping on the job!

  • Zip Code: 68902
  • Posted 05/21/2017

Do your own job and leave your nose out of mine!

  • Zip Code: 85260
  • Posted 05/21/2017

I know all about Katy in the supermarket. You know what you can do with some of the cucumbers!

  • Zip Code: 73078
  • Posted 05/21/2017

What you did to my hair is amateurish and stupid, but I know it will grow back. I’m going on Yelp, and Facebook.

  • Zip Code: 32569
  • Posted 05/18/2017

Nobody wants to hear about your fantastic vacation because we are jealous. Get back to work!

  • Zip Code: 20500
  • Posted 05/14/2017

I have nightmares about losing my healthcare because I have high blood pressure. You are causing my blood pressure to go up

  • Zip Code: 03862
  • Posted 05/12/2017

Display this somewhere prominent to celebrate another great launch!

  • Zip Code: 03862
  • Posted 05/12/2017

A message of Thanks to all in this place! The Dood loves you!

  • Zip Code: 20004
  • Posted 05/12/2017

You are a dirty dog. Unprofessional at a Professional Level - You need to apologize to someone in Beantown - PUBLICLY

  • Zip Code: 55806
  • Posted 04/27/2017

You owe me 4 months rent. Stop sitting around, eating my food and playing video games all day. Get a job.

  • Zip Code: 02139
  • Posted 04/27/2017

I know you are the lunch thief.

  • Zip Code: 44102
  • Posted 04/18/2017

You have your nose so far up the bosses ass that you can smell the Chinese Food he ate last week.

  • Zip Code: 78702
  • Posted 04/18/2017

You are a total smooch butt

  • Zip Code: 15202
  • Posted 04/18/2017

Please, we are sick of your moronic vacation photos on Facebook. Nobody cares.

  • Zip Code: 01952
  • Posted 04/18/2017

Stop letting your power go to your head. Get a real job and stay out of everyone’s business.

  • Zip Code: 97202
  • Posted 04/15/2017

you took my money and did not finish the job and now you are ignoring me. You are an asshole and I will take you to court if you don’t come up with the cash”

  • Zip Code: 84321
  • Posted 04/15/2017

Now I see who your “lunch buddy” is. I was in the same restaurant as you two on Thursday. You should start packing your stuff this weekend.

  • Zip Code: 50302
  • Posted 04/15/2017

You are the grossest waitress I have ever seen. Take a bath, wash your clothes, and stop chewing gum while you work.